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Natural by Design

Our company

In the design world today, where everything feels the same, looks the same, where nothing seems personal anymore, at The Woven Company we strive to achieve originality through style and integrity inspired from old world textures and colors. The Woven Company is about standing out and making your vision bold and one of a kind. To experience all the styles that tell your story, take a moment to visit with us.

The Woven Company is the evolution of over 40 years of commitment, service, and experience by the Nguyen Family (pronounced Win), making shades, window dressings and other home accessories for leaders in the interior design industry. Andy and Anna Nguyen first began fabricating custom shades and drapery treatments in 1976 after a decade of garment manufacturing.


A Family Tradition

In late 1999, Andy and Anna's sons, Tom and Ken joined the team. Tom went on to manage the weaving operations in Vietnam while Ken continues to run the company in Los Angeles. Working with the top designers and retail stores throughout the decades, the family has set out to design unique, one of a kind fabric made from the world's fastest replenishing materials.

The Woven Company's materials are both beautiful and ecologically friendly. Our products are made from among the fastest growing and self-replenishing plants available in nature. These materials include a mixture of reeds, bamboos, grasses, woods, and palms. Please contact us to learn more about The Woven Company.

- Amy Wells

I am a set decorator for both TV and films for such shows as "Mad Men", "House" and "Scandal" as well as an interior designer for private clients. I have continually used The Woven Company as my main supplier of woven blinds and roman shades because they have great quality, a huge selection and are really really flexible about turn around. I love working with Ken - he always finds a way to make it happen in the time frame I have. The Woven Company also manufactures all of the drapery that I create for my residential projects and I have been very happy both with their craft capability as well as their installation.

100% Renewable Resources

All of the raw materials that we use are fast replenishing and highly sustainable.

Eco Friendly

Our weaves are all loomed by hand using no electricity. We aim to limit the use of fossil fuels whenever we can.

Family Business

From our weaving operation in Vietnam to our facility in Los Angeles, we are a proud multi generational family operated business.

To the Trade Only

Our mission is to produce and deliver consistent high quality in our textures, weaves and colors to members of the trade only.